Wellcome to my personal space where I’m sharing with you my view, thoughts and reflections about: Agile, Digital Marketing & Transformation, Inspiration, Experiences and more.

👉 I strongly believe that Sharing is Caring, I’m Giuseppe Brugnone a Scrum Master and Senior Digital Marketing Manager at the LEGO® Group, in Italy. and this is “Did You Know❓“ Project

👊 I’m sure this will help both, you and me: you will probably have a different point of view and I’ll have the chance to write down my reflections.

📇 📨 I will publish articles on topics that I care about and that I feel confident I can talk about on a weekly basis.
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My view, thoughts and reflections about Agile, Digital Marketing & Transformation, Inspiration, Experiences and more because Sharing Is Caring


Giuseppe Brugnone

Scrum Master & enthusiastic Senior Digital Manager @ the LEGO Group - Scout leader, Speaker, Coach & Teacher with a passion for mindfulness and communication